The Company


A calling, almost 45 years of experience and know-how to the lift.

Europa-Levage  is a family business specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of cranes in boxes, cranes and other lifting equipment. With its high level of skills, she became the market leader Wallon.

Based in Verlaine, Europa-levage  was founded in 1966 by Jacques Rousseau, an engineering graduate of the Institute Gramme. The latter, strong professional experience of thirteen years spent in the technical direction of Ets Moussiaux in Huy, decided to create his own company in the field of cranes and hoists. The young entrepreneur quickly understand that the involvement and accountability of all personnel necessary for the proper development of a business. Also, at the outset, it promotes good family atmosphere of work. Today the company employs a dozen people. Besides their professional qualifications, they were chosen because of their interpersonal skills. 

At the heart of a network of professionals

Quickly recognized for his expertise and skills, Europa-levage  establishes commercial partnerships with major international companies. Thus, in 1978, she was entrusted by the Finnish company Kone, the general representation of its electric hoists and other crane components for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The same year she was awarded the Notger, rewarding the best performing companies in the province of Liege. Europa-levage  has contributed to achieving the continuous casting of Chertal providing a significant lifting equipment.
In 1991, the company Verlinde, French leader for 150 years in the field of lifting entrusts Europa-levage  representation of its components for the manufacture of cranes. In 1997, Verlinde develops a method for manufacturing standardized cranes from complete kits, and created the network Europont Belgium. Europa-levage  quickly occupy a central place within this network that provides cranes meet the latest European standards.

A new direction

In early 1999, J. Rousseau sold the business to his son Bernard, a graduate of the Institute Gramme in 1988.
After his stint in the army as a reserve officer in the Corps, he completed a year of management and some training courses abroad.
Before succeeding his father, Bernard Rousseau seconds within Europa-levage , he learned in depth to his future profession, with the aim of continuing the good management and business development.

Performance products

To date, over 1,000 achievements embody the dynamism of the company. Capacities up to 160 tons and spans up to 34 meters. Europa-levage  also provides manual hoists, electric (string, rope, or strap), explosion proof and other lifting equipment such as gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, jib cranes, winches. .... And provides maintenance, conversion and repair of existing facilities. The material is intended for the highest quality covers a very diverse market, from SMEs to the medium and heavy industry.
This market is complemented by export through large engineering offices that have created openings to Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Madagascar, Iran, Italy, Philippines, China, India, U.S., UAE and Yemen.

And services

In order to make the company even more successful, significant investments were made and standardization has been improved and computer. Its after-sales service, very close to major industrial sites, ensuring a large stock of spare parts, troubleshooting within 24 hours with qualified personnel and that the greater customer satisfaction.

Bernard Rousseau does not intend to skimp on quality, it creates its own certification: ISO EUROPA and informs us that each project, signed Europa-levage , is retesting its soins.La good profitability of a company requires handling gear reliable and efficient that a significant part of costs are production.This is why Europa-levage  has full confidence in its future. His motto: QUALITY and SERVICE.